You can avail of your dental benefits in all Health Partners accredited dental clinics nationwide. You may check the list of HP accredited dentists, their schedule, and their contact details in the FIND A DENTIST page of the HPDAI website, or you may call our Customer Service department through telephone numbers (632)8711-0020.

Dental Benefits may only be availed in Health Partners Accredited Dental Clinics. Reimbursements are not allowed for fees incurred from services availed in non-accredited clinics.

You may ask your attending dentist for a referral letter allowing you to be treated by another dentist. It is best to ask your dentist to indicate specific procedures that she will allow.

Inform your HR about your lost card. They will provide you instructions on requesting for card replacement and corresponding fees. In case you urgently need dental treatment, you may ask for endorsement to Health Partners for assistance.

The dental COC can be used while cards are being processed. Present the COC with a valid ID as proof of identification during your dental visit. Dentist will collect the COC and attach it to your dental availment as attachment for billing. Take note: Only COC with Health Partners Dental can be used for dental availments.

Only enrolled dependents may be entitled to avail dental benefits, You may ask your HR regarding the company’s policy on eligibility for Dental plans.

If you cannot contact HPDAI CSR at (632)87110020 or through Mobile numbers: SUN : (+63922) 842-4514;SMART: (+63947) 896-4132; GLOBE: (+63917) 178-8409; you may go to the nearest dental clinic for treatment then file for Reimbursement. Be sure to get a copy of the Official receipt with breakdown of fees per service and the corresponding tooth numbers . You may get Dental certificate indicating diagnosis and treatment done. Note: Only Covered procedures of Urgent or Emergency dental conditions may be considered.

Most Clinics are “BY APPOINTMENT” but dentists may allow Walk in patients if time will allow. If your concern is not urgent, we recommend to have it scheduled to avoid long waiting time.

Only Simple Tooth extractions are covered in standard dental plans. The dentist upon evaluation may advice you that the tooth that needs to be removed will need surgical intervention. In some cases, dentist may ask you for an xray of the tooth for further evaluation. Surgical Extractions/ Complicated / difficult extractions are not part of the Standard Dental plans and will be charged to the patient.

Most dental plans do not include coverage on medicines prescribed by the dentist. Additional medications used or placed on the mouth in addition to the routine dental procedures are also not covered. Best to ask the dentist for the additional fees for these prior to procedures.