Corporate Social Responsibility

At HPDAI, we view corporate social responsibility as integral to our identity. By going beyond the traditional way of providing dental services, we actively contribute to the well-being of society. Through community initiatives, environmental sustainability, employee volunteerism, and charitable partnerships, we are committed to promote healthy smiles for everyone with the help of our partners in providing quality dental health care.

Creating Healthy Smiles: Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At HPDAI, we recognize the impact of oral health in a person’s well-being and how this can affect an individual’s confidence. Beyond providing an accessible dental healthcare, we are committed to a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that reflects our dedication to making a positive effect to society as a whole

Community Oral Health Initiatives:

We believe in the power of prevention. Through our CSR initiatives, we actively support community-based oral health programs. This involves partnering with local accredited dentists to provide free dental awareness talks, dental check-ups, and oral hygiene education to our corporate clients and giving out free dental treatments and dental hygiene kits to communities who have no access or to dental care.

Environmental Sustainability:

To help save the environment, the company has initiated to offer dental plans to include the use of composite resin as material for permanent fillings instead of the mercury containing amalgam filling. To ensure we can continue to fulfill our CSR we understand the need to minimize our ecological footprint. To name a few, we encourage paperless documentation, energy-efficient practices in our offices, and promoting sustainability across our clients. By integrating eco-friendly measures such as digitalization into our operations, we strive to protect our common home – planet Earth for future generations.

Employee Volunteerism:

Our leaders inspire our employees and empower them to be an instrument of positive change. Through our CSR program, we encourage and support employee volunteerism. Whether participating in local oral health awareness campaigns or engaging in community service projects, our team members actively contribute their time and skills to causes that align with our commitment to social responsibility.

Charitable Partnerships:

We believe in the strength of collaboration. Our CSR strategy includes establishing meaningful partnerships with charities and organizations. Through our feeding programs, wellness talks, and dental missions, we aim to create an impact on the community’s nutrition, education, and treatment accessibility.