Consultation/ Oral Examination/ Dental Check-up

This is when the patient discusses his/ her dental concern, and the dentists will do an oral examination and propose the treatment plan.

Some dental conditions may require a dental specialist such as Orthodontists for teeth spacing or crowding or bite problem and TMJ specialists for jaw related concerns.

We have accredited Dental specialists who can provide you consultations. Please take note that they may require additional diagnostic aids such as dental scans, X-rays or Study casts to further help provide a more comprehensive evaluation of your dental condition.

 Dental Health Education/ Oral Hygiene Instructions

After each dental procedure, dentists will discuss post-operative instructions and, in some cases, may prescribe medications to be taken at home for infection control and relief of pain.

Dentist may also discuss the procedures to be done and next date for follow up.

 Treatment of Mouth Sores, Lesions or Burns

Application of medicament to relieve patient from symptoms. Topical (rubbed on) antiseptics, corticosteroids, or other soothing preparations are applied directly to the ulcer.

Depending on the cause of the sores, Dentist may prescribe medications such as antibiotics or pain relievers to be taken orally or recommend other dental procedures as treatment to avoid recurrence.

Temporary Fillings

Used as an interim material for tooth that needs evaluation
Should be replaced within specific period of time as advised by the dentist.

These fillings are not meant to last and is usually a temporary treatment to restore damaged  permanent or primary teeth.
May be placed after Pulp Capping procedure or placement of a pulp sedative such as a liner or base.

 Simple Tooth Extraction

Removal of unrestorable tooth and is carried out by loosening and pulling of the tooth from the socket without the need for an incision or any other special tooth removal techniques such as bone reduction or sectioning of the parts of the tooth. Unlike Complicated tooth extractions, this involves removal of visible tooth structure.

Dentists may ask for dental xray for evaluation of tooth to be removed. Factors such as accessibility of the roots, approximation to the sinus, length and shape of the roots, bone density, patient’s overall health and disposition may lead to a complex type of extraction.

 Chairside Adjustment/ Repair of Denture

Ill-fitting dentures usually cause discomfort and irritation to gums and teeth to address this dentists may recommend adjustments on some parts of the dentures can be made inside a dental clinic for relief.
In some cases where denture can no longer serve its purpose, dentists may recommend fabrication of new dentures instead.

 Re-cementation of Jacket Crowns, inlays, or Onlays

Some dental restorations such as crowns, inlays and onlays may become loose over time.

If the crowns can still fit on the tooth, this can be recemented by cleaning the restoration and placing a new bonding adhesive.